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About Us

NoteMyLinks is an idea which addresses one of the most frequent and dominant problems of every web user. It provides an easy, simple and user-friendly way to store and manage your online lifecycle. It keeps your links and notes in hierarchical manner, just like a windows directory structure.

Why NoteMyLinks ?

NoteMyLinks is the perfect utility for you, if:
1. You are missing your links at home which you have bookmarked in office or vice versa ?
2. You are missing the easily accessible place where you can keep your favorite notes and quotes for easy and quick reference in future ?
3. You are missing some article or video link which was helpful to you last time but this time you are unable to get it back through search ?
4. You are fed up of searching the same web page again and again ?
5. You are fed up of keeping important links and small notes here and there and searching them later ?
6. You are fed up of typing the same web addresses again and again like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, net banking, office sites, news sites etc. ?

We are here to save your time. How ?

Keep your important links with your notemylinks account for next time,

  • No need to search same content on internet again and again,
    For exa. article, tutorial or good content on some topic.
  • No need to type urls everytime like facebook, google, gmail.
  • No need to search complex urls everytime like netbanking, news etc sites.

Keep your messages, task details, quotes etc with your notemylinks account,

  • No need to put your notes here and there and searching them later again.
  • No need to remember your tasks details or important information.
  • No need to search your old mails, chat history to get what you require today.
  • Avoid sticky notes, lets go green.

We are here to organize your daily web routine. How ?

  • Organize your content in hierarchical way, for faster access.
  • Increase your productivity by reducing redundant searching and typing time.
  • Increase your productivity by avoiding the chances of unavailability of your
    bookmarks or text files at home, office or at any remote place.
  • Reduce the chances of information loss by keeping it at Notemylinks.

What makes us different ?

1. Easy, simple and user friendly interface.
2. Your useful links and notes are just a click away.
3. Not only frequently used links, but you can store your favourite quotes, birthdays, poems, lyrics etc using our Notes facility.
4. We have mobile friendly interface for mobile devices which can be accessed with the same url.

Our Recommendation

For getting best out of notemylinks, we suggest you to use "keep me logged in" feature along with setting up notemylinks as your default browser url, so that whenever you open up the browser you get all your frequently used web pages just a click away from you. This will:

1. Save your typing time.
2. Reduce the possibility of typing errors.
3. Avoid the need of memorizing exact urls.
4. Avoid the need of searching url in search engine.