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This page tells you about, how we store your personal and Account information and how do we protect your information and data from loss or breach.

Personal Information

To Register with us, we ask your Full Name, Valid Email Id, a password to protect your account from unauthorized access, phone number(optional) and your Date of Birth(optional).

All of your personal information is kept private and is not disclosed to any Third Party or Individual in any Circumstances.

A valid Email Id is mandatory to make an account on NoteMyLinks, to verify Email Id we will send you a link on Signing Up and when you click on that link then your Registration will be successful and then you can start using our services just by Logging In with your Email Id an Password.

If you do not verify your Email Id within 48 hrs of receiving the link then the Registration will be cancelled and you will have to Register again with us.

User Account Data

All the data you store in your Account is completely secure and safe from unauthorized access and illegal use. The data stored in your account can only be accessed by the Email Id and Password for this account.

At any point of time if you feel that your password is leaked or you want to change it, then you can use the "Change Password" feature where you can change your password by entering the Old and New Passwords.

If you forget your password at any point of time, then you can use the feature "forget password", where you just need to enter your Email Id by which this Account was created. We will send you a link to change the password. When you click on the link, it will redirect you to the change password page where you can set your new password.

We periodically take backup of all your data, so your data is always safe from any kind of loss or discrepancies.